Artist Submissions

We would love to see your work! We are always looking for highly innovative artists who are professional and dependable. We currently represent about 20 artists with a variety of styles. For some London Portfolio is their main source of income and for some we supplement day jobs or fit into a freelance lifestyle. The common denominator is that all of our artists are extremely talented and responsible about their work and particularly when taking on projects for clients. We are flexible about the amount of work which artists can give us and recognize the individual situation of each artist. If the work is great we will put it in the collection. The market for new artwork is extremely competitive and your work must shine not only to get noticed within our own collection but against competitors throughout the world.

London Portfolio has been representing artists for 25 years and both sells and licenses designs for stationery (greetings cards, shopping bags, wrapping paper, journals), textiles, ceramics, and just about anything that can be printed. The work which we receive and sell is both digital and hand drawn. We generally show our work in groups of 4 or 5 designs which are united by a common theme/color/technique. We sell a lot of Christmas design, but also sell baby, halloween, harvest wedding/valentine/birthday/paisley/damask/geometric/food/drink/wine /tabletop/travel/floral/cats and dogs/americana/shopping themes.

Our marketing program to sell your designs is very active. We do several trade shows each year in NYC and in Europe. We also make trips to California and take the collection on extended road trips to take your artwork to the clients. We also have an extensive website on to which your designs are uploaded and available to clients. We have over 150 customers registered to our website. It is password protected and available only to qualified , legitimate customers.

If you are interested in working with us please fill in the form below :

You'll be asked to kindly send us no more than 20 examples of your work in jpeg form no larger than 500k each. We will respond promptly.